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7 Things Yukon Do This Summer

This summer, go west, but don’t stop there. Head north to the Yukon for a unique travel adventure that you won’t find anywhere else in Canada—or the world. From the close-knit community that will welcome you to the capital city to the expansive and mountainous National Parks, there are lots of reasons to check out the country’s smallest territory (if you call taking up more room than Belgium, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands combined “small”). The bonus? It’s a lot warmer up there in the summer than in the winter.


Check Out Dawson City

Start your trip at the Dawson City Museum to get a feel for what life was like during the days of the Klondike Goldrush, then take a self-guided or guided walking tour to learn about the dirty-dealing, scoundrels and surprising history of the former “Paris of the North”. If you’re feeling incredibly brave, finish off the day with a visit to the Sourdough Saloon for a Sour Toe cocktail, which is exactly what it sounds like it is.


Marvel At Canada’s Highest Peak In Kluane National Park

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At 5,959 metres high, Mount Logan is the highest peak in Canada and the second-highest in North America. Reaching the summit is a trek for experienced mountaineers but that doesn’t stop you from heading to Kluane National Park to see it and the icefields during a flight-seeing trip over Kluane. And you should because it’s completely awe-inspiring.


Hang Out In The Pools At Takhini Hot Springs

Less than a half hour outside of Whitehorse, the hot water springs at Takhini might be the most unmissable part of a trip to the Yukon. Mineral water flows from a natural spring deep in the earth into two pools at temperatures around 35 to 40 degrees celsius. It’s super relaxing and the waters are said to have health benefits, too. The pools are open from 8am to 11pm and admission is just $12.


Discover The Desert In Carcross

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Want to see the world’s tiniest (read: cutest) desert? Come to Carcross. Once the bottom of a glacial lake, sandy dunes cover less than a square mile and feature pine trees instead of cacti. While you’re there, visit the town’s most famous grave: it’s the spot where Polly, a Yukon parrot known for her heavy use of four-letter words, is buried.


Gaze Down At The Glaciers From Above In Haines Junction

Welcome to Haines Junction #yukon #hainesjunction #sunlight #landscape #nature #valley #bluesky #beautiful

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Go flightseeing adjacent to the Pacific Ocean to take in glaciers, ice fields, and the mountains in Kluane National Park. Kluane Glacier Air Tours take off in Haines Junction and fly seven days a week. The experience is a bit of a splurge but it may well be the best 90 minutes of your life.


Visit The S.S. Klondike And The Yukon Arts Centre In Whitehorse

It feels like stepping into a time machine when you go aboard the S.S. Klondike National Historic Site sternwheeler. Drydocked on the shore of the Yukon River in Whitehorse, the ship has been restored to its 1930s appearance. You can visit the boat on a self-guided or guided tour from May to September. While you’re in Whitehorse, you’ll also want to check out the Yukon Arts Centre, a performance and visual arts hub, or sign up for a brewery tour (and beer tasting) at Yukon Brewing.

Hike Or Bike Miles Canyon And The Chadburn Trails

#lategram ftom my last trip to the Yukon and a tribute to @socalitybarbie 😝

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The North’s nearly 24 hours of daylight means hikes and mountain bike treks can last extra long. If you’re going hiking or mountain biking in Whitehorse, we know the perfect spot: Miles Canyon. This 8.5-million-year-old wonder was created when lava made its way through the valley, leaving behind orange lichen-covered basalt cliffs and turquoise water. Cross the Miles Canyon Suspension Bridge and venture onto the Chadburn Trails that take you up along the river or deep into the woods. The trails are marked by colour (red, green, blue and yellow), but before think about buying a Whitehorse Trail Map at Mac’s Fireweed Books on Main St., it’ll help you explore the trails.

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