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7 Reasons You Know You’re From Saskatoon

The Prairies are a unique Canadian landscape and Saskatoon is its own, unique Paris (a nickname boosted by the city’s lively culture, abundance of Instagram-worthy bridges, and some Tragically Hip lyrics). If you live there or grew up there, you’re probably an expert on Ukrainian food, de-icing car doors, and road trips to Regina for Roughriders games with a watermelon (for wearing, not eating) in tow. Here are seven other ways you can tell that Saskatoon is in your DNA:


1. You’ve honed your time management skills to make the most of the sunny prairie summers. The winters are cold in Saskatoon, so no one else in the country crams more fun into summer than you do.

Photo: YXE Beer Fest

Photo: YXE Beer Fest


2. You checked “sleep in a teepee at Wanuskewin Heritage Park”,“Brave the Hutzel Hammer at FolkFest” and “Ride in Bennett Buggy at the Western Development Museum” off of your To Do list ages ago.



3. You’re not confused when someone calls a hooded sweatshirt a “bunny hug”, shortens Saskatoon to “Stoon”, or says they’re headed out to a “cowboy cabaret” or “pitt party”.

Loving this place #stoon

A post shared by Brandon Machado (@machado_9) on


4. You’ve picked up perogies at the drive-thru—which doesn’t mean that you’re not very familiar with the inside of Baba’s Homestyle Perogies too.


5. Your mom made every Halloween costume you ever had three sizes too big… so that it could fit over your snowsuit.


Bridget Reichert from Saskatoon pictured as a kid wearing a costumer three sizes too big so she can fit her snowsuit underneath. Photo: Mrs. Reichert

Saskatoon native Bridget Reichert pictured as a kid wearing a costume made to fit her snowsuit underneath. Photo: Mrs Reichert


6. You don’t drink beer. You drink Great Western. Although the crop of brewpubs and microbreweries that have sprung up in the city as of late have you branching out from your regular brand now and then.


First signs of spring are blooming!

A post shared by Great Western Brewing (@great_western_beer) on


7. You know that flat is beautiful—all the better to take in those big Prairie skies and Saskatoon sunsets.



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