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6 Types Of Food Only a Newfoundlander Would Know

Gutfoundered? Fire up a scoff. No idea what we’re talking about? You’re obviously not from Newfoundland. If you’ve never followed up a night out with fries and dressing or soothed your stomach the next morning with a plate of fish ‘n brewis, you’re missing out. Get to the East Coast, if only for the breakfasts.

Fish ‘n Brewis

In Newfoundland, they call this dish of skin dried salt fish, hard bread (brewis), and fat back fried pork (scrunchions) “breakfast”. Brb, we’re going to Newfoundland.


Omg, Newfoundland. You had us at “pan-fried bread dough”. This near-perfect breakfast food is typically served with maple syrup or molasses, baked beans, and fried bologna. More on that later.


A Newfoundlander’s explanation of bakeapple? “If you aren’t a Newf, maybe you call them cloudberries.” The lumpy yellow-orange berries taste like tart apricots and honey and in Newfoundland they’re typically turned into pies or jams—which makes it easy to take some home as an edible souvenir.

Fried Bologna

We promised you fried bologna. We’re giving you fried bologna. It really doesn’t get more old school than a fried bologna sandwich, a culinary tradition the East Coast province shares with the American South.

Not for everyone but I love me some #friedbologna #tuesdaytreat #countrylife
A photo posted by daviddeanonline (@daviddeanonline) on

Fries with Dressing and Gravy

This ingenious combination of ingredients is like an East Coast poutine. Just subtract the cheese curds and add dressing—the kind made with fresh bread crumbs, butter, onion, and spices. Yeah, like the stuff you fill a turkey with at Thanksgiving. No judging until you’ve tasted it.

Pease Pudding

Out of the can, this Newfoundland side dish (also known as pease porridge or pease pottage) isn’t the most photogenic food. But check out this awesome old school label. Get it on the side of a Jiggs Dinner with boiled salt beef, cabbage, carrots, and turnips.

Not been back to the North East for a while, so instead I brought it to me #peaspudding

A photo posted by M I K E (@mike_grady87) on


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