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6 Sights In The Yukon With Photographer Peter Mather

I always wonder what it would be like to live in the Yukon. Waking up every day in a place with vast wilderness, historic rivers and plenty of fresh air. To satisfy our curiosity we met up with Yukon-based photographer Peter Mather to find out his top six experiences to have in the Yukon. From wildlife viewing, iconic hikes to historical seminars find out what Peter chose as the best highlights of the Yukon and what he has to say about them below…

1. Go Canoeing 

“The Yukon is a paddler’s dream with some of the best wilderness rivers on the planet. You could be like the canoeist in this photo as they approach a moose family on a crystal clear mountain lake.”

2. Stay up late to catch the Northern Lights
“One of the biggest draws of the North is the Aurora Borealis, watching these lights dance over the mountains is always special.”

3. Visit the Whitehorse Hydro Dam Fish Ladder 
“The Yukon River chinook salmon have the longest migration in the world, they swim 3,000 km upstream without eating so that they can spawn in streams throughout the Yukon.”

4. Learn about the Gwich’in Tribe
“Here is a Gwich’in elder drying Whitefish on the banks of the Peel River. I choose this as a representation of the 13 diverse first nations that call the Yukon home. The image also shows their unique connection to the land and wildlife.”

Day 4, fourth day of the ‪#‎challengeonnaturephotography‬ for me. Thanks again to Dave Showalter for presenting this challenge, which proved to be an exercise in introspection. For my 7 days, I'll be going through the last 15 years of photography and sharing images that were important to me or to my career. This is an important image to me for a number of reasons. First, because of the experience of meeting a 94 year old Gwich'in elder who was living on the land in the Peel Watershed. Agnes is an inspiration to so many. Second, after 12 years of mediocre photography, I had finally found my voice. I was meant to work on photojournalism stories about wildlife, wilderness and the first nations people of the North. I was not accustomed to taking pictures of people, and was working really hard it. This is one of my first images that actually captured a person and told part of their story. Third, I had met Agnes the day before, but hadn't gotten any images. I had driven a couple hours down the Dempster Highway, as i was desperate to get home to my family. However, I knew that if I wanted to be successful at telling stories, I needed to turn around and go back and get the shot. So I did….and I learnt about the commitment required to capture meaningful images. I nominate Shayla Snowshoe for the #challengeonnaturephotography, because I would like to see more of her imagery. ‪#‎protectthepeel‬ ‪#‎yukon‬ @ilcp_photographers @natgeocreative @lumixcan

A photo posted by (@matherpeter) on

5. Go on a wildlife sightseeing tour
“The Yukon is home to more wildlife than people, with a human population of 37,000 people in an area larger than California.”

6. Watch the salmon run upstream
“I choose this image to represent the Yukon because in many ways we are defined by Salmon and Northern Lights.”

Chinook Salmon under the Northern Lights in the Yukon. The Yukon River Chinook have the longest salmon migration on the planet….over 3,000 km. due to overfishing, climate change and loss of habitat their numbers having been dropping for decades. Efforts in the U.S. And Canada have finally gotten underway to preserve the salmon run. A fishing closure has been in effect along the entire length of the river for two seasons now. The 23 salmon based cultures along the length of the river are making great sacrifices for the next generations. @natgeocreative @ilcp_photographers #salmon #northernlights #northernlightsphotos #halfnhalf #auroraborealis #canadiancreatives #tourcanada @everydayclimatechange #climatechange @nhm_wpy #elplanetaphoto #earthpix

A photo posted by (@matherpeter) on

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