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5 Reasons TIFF Isn’t Just For Moviegoers


Lady Gaga attending the Five Foot Two premiere. photo credit: getty images

Not liking movies is totally valid, but it can be easy to feel left out if you’re a non-moviegoing Canadian during TIFF. Everyone’s losing their minds over the latest Guillermo Del Toro, but you don’t see what the big deal is—we get it.

But don’t hide away from all the TIFF mayhem just yet. From free stuff to glitzy celebrations to even more free stuff, TIFF still has tons to offer even if you’re not a movie lover.


The Celebrity Spotting

Admit it: even if you’d rather go swimming or play a video game than watch a movie, it’s hard not to get excited about seeing the likes of Tatiana Maslany and Jake Gyllenhaal walk around the city. Try your luck at a red carpet premiere or get in some exercise and take a couple laps around the downtown core until you run into someone famous.

TIFF 2017. • • • #SebastianStan #TIFF #ITonya

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The Parties

From Brassaii to Soho House, all of Toronto will be buzzing with music, adrenaline, and probably more than a little bit of alcohol during the festival. The festivities range from laid-back club nights to high-class galas, so there’s something for everyone.


The Free Stuff

Free iced tea, free coffee, free naps, free VR installations—it’s almost too much to handle. If you hang out around Festival Street long enough, you’ll probably end up heading home with twice the amount of stuff you arrived with. Not that we’re complaining.

Office for part of the day 😴 // #yyz #tiff2017

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The Music Performances

TIFF is once again closing off part of King Street from September 7 to 10, which means that you might just get the chance to see one or more amazing Canadian musicians do what they do best: perform. Swing by and check out some of Canada’s most talented artists before they make it big.


The Atmosphere

Like it or not, Toronto gets just a little bit more glamorous once TIFF rolls around every year (not that it wasn’t glamorous already). Everybody goes a little star-crazy, and if you look closely you can see just a littttle bit of glitter floating in the air. Ok, so we made that part up. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t step outside at least once to experience some of that TIFF magic for yourself.

Feels good to be back. #TIFF2017

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