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5 Items To Keep In Your Car So It’s Always Road Trip-Ready

photo credit averie woodard / unsplash

Canada is a country made for road-tripping. With our cross-country spanning highways and our winding backroads, there’s so much to see from behind the wheel (and even more from the passenger’s seat). We love a good road trip, but we also love to be prepared for every adventure.

Here are five things to keep in your car so that you’re perpetually ready to explore:


1. A blanket

What do stretching out at the beach, setting up a picnic, taking a late night lakeside hike under the stars, or napping in the back seat when it’s your road trip partner’s turn to drive all have in common? They’re way better with a blanket. Put a cozy old favourite in your car right now. We’ll wait.


2. Sports equipment

Whether the stop is a beach or a park or some wide open place you didn’t expect to stumble upon it’s always awesome to get out of the car, stretch, and be active for a bit. Keep a soccer ball, a frisbee, or a couple of gloves and a baseball in your car for moments like these. They’re the best tools to re-energize and be ready to hit the road again.


3. A cooler bag

Snacks are a road trip essential and so is spontaneity. When a picnic opportunity presents itself, you don’t want to be caught unprepared. A cooler bag will double as a grocery bag while keeping your lunch fresh on the way to the perfect picnic spot. Also? Six hours into a drive, when the hangry hits, no one will want a homemade, lukewarm smoothie. Invest in that cooler bag — it’ll take up way less room than a hard cooler and can be folded down and tucked away in a corner of your car’s trunk.

photo credit jorge saavedra / unsplash


4. A reusable coffee cup and water bottle

There’s no excuse for single use plastics. Be ready for on-the-road coffee runs and thirst attacks with your own pair of hot and cold beverage holders that always live in your car. Consider it good carbon karma: minimizing your travel waste to somewhat balance the scales for the gas you’re using as you drive cross-province or cross-country.


5. A safety kit

Nothing is less fun than running into car trouble on the road and not being prepared for it.

Jumper cables, a seatbelt cutter and window breaking tool, a flashlight, a reflective warning sign, a candle and matches (which can heat your entire car if you get stranded in the winter), and a roll of duct tape (which will temporarily take care of more problems than we can come up with) are must-haves for anyone who loves life on the road.

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