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We Tried These 4 Supplements To See If They Cured Our Travel Issues

As evidenced by countless airport paparazzi photos of haggard, tired-looking celebs, no one steps off an airplane looking and feeling their best. Yes, air travel is a miracle of modernity: you board the plane at 8 am and by noon you’re on the other side of the country (and this, Canada, is a big one). Still, there are ISSUES with flying and we’ve been diligently searching for solutions — in the vitamin aisle. We tried four different natural solutions to typical airplane ailments so that you don’t have to. Here’s what we found:

The Issue: Jet Lag

Real talk: some of us have our sleep schedule thrown off by a simple three-hour time change like the one between Toronto and Vancouver. Unless you actually like getting up at 5 am when you’re used to rising at 8 (and then being totally exhausted by early evening) jet lag is a huge travel inconvenience. Our vitamin kit (which came courtesy of our new travel heroes at AOR) contained a bottle of Ortho-Sleep, which is “clinically proven to help increase total sleep time, reduce the time it takes to fall asleep, and help reset the body’s sleep-wake schedule.” But did it work? We tried it on a four-day trip to Canada’s west coast and TBH, we slept like big ol’ babies. While we still woke up earlier than normal on the first two days, the vitamins left us feeling well-rested and able to stay awake well past happy hour.

The Issue: Desert-Dry Skin

Short of boarding a plane wearing a moisturizing sheet mask, AOR’s gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) Borage supplements are the next best thing. GLA can help to prevent or minimize an airplane breakout. (Because what does dry skin do when it’s dry and stressed? It gets oily in retaliation. Ugh.) Borage also perks up your tired skin and can be broken open and applied topically if you’re feeling super parched. We tried it as a supplement and loved it. Another all-natural skin tip? Drink lots of water and avoid those free airplane drinks (sorry).

The Issue: Upset Stomach

We had high hopes for this one. Our AOR Zymes guinea pig never eats on the plane (no matter how long the flight) because of how upset her stomach gets. The low pressure in planes can cause bloating, nausea, and other tummy troubles for passengers (to say nothing of the quality of typical airplane food). Sadly, our super-sensitive flyer disembarked feeling less than fabulous about her stomach but she’s assured us she’ll give the enzymes another try (maybe in combination with a probiotic).

The Issue: Airplane-Induced Sniffles

When it comes to the flying germ tube, tired travellers are magnets for the bugs floating around in recycled air, many frequent flyers coming down with a cold after almost every flight. So you can imagine how thrilled a habitual echinacea and vitamin C popper would be to arrive home healthy and stay that way (for once). Credit goes to AOR’s Pro Andrographis (a plant once used traditional Chinese, Ayurvedic, Thai, and Scandinavian medicines)which is said to both boost your immune system and cut a cold short if you happen to catch one. This one has a permanent home in our travel kit.

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