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12 Photos That’ll Convince You To Never Miss Another WayHome Music Festival

This weekend, thousands of music lovers will flock to Oro-Medonte, Ontario, to Burl’s Creek to endure porta-potties, camping, and a 40-degree heatwave for an unforgettable weekend of rockin’ out to their favourite bands at the third annual WayHome Music & Arts Festival.

And yet, the festival is so much more than crowded camping and bitchin’ tunes, and we’re here to show you why. Scroll down for a smattering of photos that’ll show you everything you’re missing out if you’re not going, and will have you booking your ticket for this year’s festival too.


Camping was super packed and super fun  

It may look daunting, but camping at WayHome is half the fun. Come prepared with shelter to block the sun, chairs to sit in while you enjoy a drink, and some rad games to play while you wait to head into the festival grounds. Make sure to arrive with your friends so you can get a sweet spot next to each other, but also be prepared to make friends with your neighbours. Intimate quarters will make that easy!


Added bonus photo because we want to camp with this guy next year: 



Someone brought a parachute 

Remember the best day in gym class? You know, when a massive parachute was laying in the centre of the gymnasium just waiting to be turned into a giant rainbow dome? A festival-goer brought one of those this year, and if you were lucky enough to spot it around the grounds then you got to join in on the parachute dance party of your dreams. Plus, you could also bask in some rainbow-filtered shade.

wayhome4 parachute1


Diplo crowd-surfed in a giant plastic hamster ball

What’s a high-energy show without some crowd-surfing, amirite? This year’s WayHome was full of surfin’ artists, but Major Lazer’s set took it to the next level when Diplo launched into the audiance inside a giant plastic orb, Flaming Lips-style.



There was a human carwash 

Not even the weekend-long heatwave discouraged fans from dancing their hearts out under the scorching sun. But if you were really feeling the heat, there was a hilarious way to stay cool. Complete with those twisty, moppy, washy things and a refreshing spray of mist, fans were able to beat the heat by taking a walk through the human carwash.



There was a super speedy ferris wheel 

This ain’t your average county fair ferris wheel. WayHome’s wheel lit up at night for a magical spinning light show, rotating at probably 18-times the speed of a regular ferris wheel. We were half expecting it to roll away at any moment, but that just added to the thrill.



Fireworks went off during Arcade Fire’s performance

There are always fireworks on Saturday night of the festival, but imagine watching those fireworks during a live performance of “Wake Up.” This attraction totally brought the fire to Arcade Fire.

Arcade Fire headline the second night of Wayhome Music & Arts Festival 2016.


The food was pretty damn delicious

Festival food isn’t often something to write home about, but WayHome’s food never disappoints. Think dumplings, poutine, tacos and so much more!



Mac Demarco crowd-surfed barefoot

Mac Demarco opted to remove his red Keds and black socks for his time in the kingdom of hands. Sure, maybe it was a bit smelly, but if Demarco wants to air his feet out on fans’ heads then that’s just what he’s gonna do.



Someone proposed

The vibes at WayHome ooze love and togetherness, so it’s only fitting that someone popped the big question over the weekend. Maybe there’ll  be a wedding at next year’s event? Imagine the crowd catching that bouquet.



This friend finder existed

If you’re attending the festival with a large group, we highly recommend bringing along something you can hold up in a crowd to alert others where your gang is. This year’s friend finders included a Justin Trudeau head with the dog Snapchat filter, a glamour cut-out of Oprah Winfrey, and this epic Drake sitting on the WayHome logo.


…and of course, there was a tonne of awesome live music


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